Squeaks for Aomi

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


So a while back I decided to start some shenanigans with a Khajiit character and holy hells, not only did I become fond of my Khajiit - the whole circle jerk when it comes to racial slurs against my cat-person was along the lines of funny to annoying. Of course those in authority automatically decided that my Khajiit would start trouble, then hunters would regard her as just "cat", everyone else would call her a rug or a carpet.
Even throughout the other TES games, I've found the Khajiit (and all their types) to be pretty fun. Now when it came time to pinpoint exactly what kind of feline my Skyrim Khajiit is ( I know they're mountain cats) but which? I'm seeing a mix of a snow leopard +cougar+bobcat thing going. I also can't figure out the body-pattern, its like a broken mackerel - clouded tabby - ticked tabby, there are dashed stripes,spots,slight swirls, and dark feet/hands.
I like this mix and match of the mountain cat types. Of course if it were up to me I'd have a pattern suiting Aomi's  design which would be a mostly completely white body, three stripes on the hips(from the back over the sides), black tipped ears and a black tipped tail.
Now if I was to Khajiit my Aomi, Aomi would have the blunt hair style, long of course but wielding my Skyrim Khajiit's accessories in the hair/ears, blunt hair style, multiple braids, with teal rings. Aomi would be more Ohmes  and maybe a little Ohmes-raht (minus the gold tone and beast like feet) than Cathay.

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