Squeaks for Aomi

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aomi and Aomi and...Aomi?

The god-demons in Teni's mind want another Aomi (not like the chimera aomi--that plan failed W__W)

Normal Aomi = white skinned/black stripes-ear & tail tips/black hair and teal bangs/cyan eyes (color of inside the ears stay the same- peach/light peach)

Invert Aomi= black skinned/white stripes-ear & tail tips/white hair and red bangs/red eyes (color of inside the ears stay the same- peach/light peach)

Normal + Invert = ????? i must think of what..this aomi would look like, either a mix & match? combination?

the colors to work with: white, black, grey, peach, red, cyan, purple, green, yellow, blue

some computer screens/TVs/printers make Aomi's eyes & bangs out as either GREEN or BLUE and not blue-green/cyan-like.

the purple comes in because of female Aomi's lips, they are purple and her eyeshadow is purple-reddish/pink inverting them
makes them green. ALSO: because invert and normal... their orb balls i wanted them to combine to make purple or something like that
but since cyan and red only make some brown/grey colour i had to opt for the BLUE of Aomi

invert purple=green
invert red=cyan
invert yellow=blue

red+blue= purple etc
black+white= grey
red+cyan= some grey/brown thing

so what would normal aomi + invert aomi = ??