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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Revenge of the Hylian Princess

Zelda’s revenge for Link’s aerial FACE HUMP.
Zelda’s revenge for Link’s aerial FACE HUMP.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Your great king has new plans for you all!  By his order you must engage in one hour of physical activity DAILY!
Because sitting around like a whore doing nothing no longer applies.  Your lives have changed.
The great king insists that if you are to lounge about you must also perform ab crunches. DO AS HE SAYS.  600, daily.
Your great king  can not be fooled! He will know if you do not participate in daily physical activity.  If you are citizen of Asgard, HE WILL KNOW.  Heimdall may have his vision but Loki is really…
  If you do not perform your activities as ordered, your punishment will be dire. You will be thrown into a field with Draugrs.
THESE GUYS. They will chase you until you die. MORALE IMPROVES.
And that is the end of this announcement.

Monday, May 14, 2012

WELL, WTF, alright, i went to hell with the Elin + High Elf . (TERA online) Hybrids and whatnot. ( originally posted may 4th )
notes on what stupid inspiration hit me with —-

So Elin + High Elf = ??? (impossible considering the lore) lets say sex doesn’t even have to apply, what if they fused their racial magic and whatnot to make a hyrbid?
So we say Science & Sorcery take a scary turn…or they were forced to or some evil space alien monster demon wanted to experiment (FOR SCIENCE!) *ahem*

Argon.. this hybrid will be female of course (nod to the Elin) ( i consider many hybrid combos from the various games i’ve played throughout the years as i like the features of the races and their skills - mix and match of course )

High Elf to the left and Elin to the right.
She would have the Elin’s body structure with more of the High Elf features. not like the april fool image of the high elf with the fox ears and tail.

Have the small body structure of the Elin - no animal features with this hybrid- just the ears, eyes, nose features of the High Elf.

To compensate for the lack of the bunny features for the Elin aspect, this hybrid will have four colours for her knee-length hair will be ; white (for the bunny) black, teal, and cyan (since both elin and high elf had blue hair) her skin would be very pale and icy cyan eyes.

Her clothing would be body-covering but loose, long sleeved blouses with pants, boots, and a hooded cowl and very customizable. even in hot areas her breath will always be seen and her constant scent is that of mint - sometimes strawberries. )
 In other words; Elin sized High Elf. she’ll be a real ice queen with a gushy mushy heart inside (gotta beat the glacier to get to it though) she’ll have access to nature magics, small set of otherworldly magic (necromancy), but the main arsenal : blue fire - ice - and lightning spells.

She can’t pull transformation spells because of bone pain (tiny fractures) if she uses magic too much. - She can’t use a catalyst to ease the transition of magic out of her body. So if it comes to combat she does not hit hard, she just knows where to hit, this would come from her fondness of learning and experimenting.

She tries to learn something about everything and everything about something. She’ll tries not to be a gloomy-doom type but can’t help herself -so she’s very very in touch with nature as a coping method. (animals are nice to her, some, anyway) 

Sometimes she’s annoyed by her own icy demeanor and baffled by her fiery temper. due to dealing with much contempt (other races/hybrids/whatnot) she isn’t solely a victim but some have not hidden their dislike for her existence. she never feels bad about herself or regrets being what she is.

She is annoyed by the scorn mostly. She’s quiet most of the time because her voice sounds very mechanical, echoes a bit and is fragmented in tone. This hybrid tries not to be very playful even though she wants to, she is a fanatic runner and jumper.

She has a dark sense of humor (keeps it to herself) and often wonders if she’s a monster because of it but in her situation she has to be in order to survive - because it comes in handy.
 as far as hybrids from other games - they all have this same design… odd.
 I have yet to name this Hybrid… i could just name her as a fragment of Aomi…call her Aomi… given that is what a Shekintari does…
game info:
Race: Elin
Class: Sorcerer
Handle: Aomi
Server: Serpentis Isle
lvl: 29

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I will compile a list of the many different games I've played throughout the years. The list will include what I like as far as;
  • lore
  • races and their features
  • skill sets /fighting style-method/abilities
  • weapons
  • classes
  • outfits.
  • types of worlds - cities /terrain/dimensions/areas
and from that list I will mix and match my favourite aspects and combine them so in Aomi Theory become *MY* favourte MMO-type character to play. In other words ; WISHFUL THINKING -CHARACTER DESIGN.
and in other other words ; from the list -what can I use to make a suitable race/class for Aomi.

and no, combining does not mean ALL POWERFUL GOD MODE YADDAYADDA.
Links to game images;
Aomi Elin
TERA online: Aomi and Armster
Aomi The Elin

Monday, April 02, 2012

Sometimes the land itself will lash out in agony because of the horrors that had been unleashed upon it. What we are experiencing is just that, this sacred land has become afraid and hateful. It trembles as it weeps and screams as it changes, trying to forget that it can’t die.
Silent Hill: Dead & Aware