Squeaks for Aomi

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Snake: October 23 - November 22

Earth: the time of frost
Direction & Wind: West
Element: water with earth
Animal: snake
Plant: thistle
Mineral: amethyst
Polarity: Beaver
Colour: violet
Personality: mysterious, ambitious, determined, intensive, impulsive
Music: B
Clan: frog-clan(water) function: dealing with the spritual
Emotion: concealed
Intention: introspection
Character: thirst for knowlegde, scientist
Positive: imaginative, purposeful, sharp-sighted
Negative: resentful, mysterious, distrustful, stubborn
Libido: intensive
Goal: satisfaction
Unconscious Desire: spiritual unification
Has to develop: creativity, tolerance, adaptability
Has to avoid: egocentric, envy, despair

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