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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pink Hair Blue Vampire

I got inspired to make this after playing Legacy of Kain: Defiance (of course the other games too) and just checking Vorador's mansion out I came across the murals in the fountain room and the mural in the center had an Ancient vampire in a pink outfit with what seemed like PINK hair. Of course I could be wrong... but... still, compared with the other two vampires... it was pink hair, not a silly hat.

More about Pink Hair Blue Vampire Which also explains the reasonin behind Aomi's pink/red hair. :0

There was a joke that she'd start off as a blonde then get gore covered way too many times so that no matter how many times she'd rinse her hair off it would contain redness and fade. lol blood stain hair dye >_>

sadly, this is the.. 3rd Vampire Aomi concept I was strumming through, I mean yeah this piece is using my Silent Hill Aomi's template. I don't know any backstory about this vampire yet.

I will point out however these things: Aomi's got two different blood colours.
One red, the other is teal. Such an occurance would probably happen because of the failure to die properly, dead and aware in a sense. Red is of the living half, the teal is the somewhat-dead half. As that saying goes: As long as you bleed you'll be fine.

So she's like a vampire-dead-but living kind of thing. FAIR ENOUGH TO JUST DUB HER A DEMON.

She is not in a state of decay or withering away, her body has just reached a point where it can not heal the wounds that were inflicted(they stay fresh forever-hence her only attire being bandages- at the moment) during the hibernation (the point where vampires start evolving- to sport the talons and taloned feet and other...things), such as chest wound and bite marks and scratches.

New wounds heal of course. Safe to say she had been mauled/killed during her sleep, whether other vampires or humans did the deed, I do not know. lol I know certain vampires would kill any affront to the species.. so..haha.

Aomi's three stripes had dwindled down to one stripe and semi-stripes forming near her right eye. The demon essence was probably trying to move itself so where it would be safer or start repairs.

This vampire Aomi would only need to feed if she's seriously injured or extremely worn out from magic-use. She can feed on blood but prefers energy, like fear or excitement so of course she doesn't kill her prey. Her fangs are very thin and dainty,blackish- from non-use and almost needle like

The black-grey gauntlet on her left forearm is her weapon, it aids in sorcery as an amplifier and as a filter (as not to kill herself in the process of using magic) it is also an anchor, the one on her right leg behaves the same way. And by anchor: this gear prevents her from "floating off" her soul has corrupted the matter in her body so SOMETIMES she could...
easily just hover about like a phantom but she prefers not to, she finds it "unnatural" to float about like a ghost.

These anchors make good pummeling weapons.

And in attempt to stay true to the Shekintari Aomi, I left her right eye wounded. Of course not all Aomi forums will be beaten up creations, the closer to fey type things Aomi gets, Aomi gets more careful, haughty and princess-brat like.
Other Importan info about Aomi & Shekintari & Shapeshifting demoness
How some shapeshifting occurs.
Shekintari Aomi
some Aomi Form concepts
Aomi Invert: Imoa
2nd Aomi Vampire concept.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink Hair and Silly Hats on VAMPIRES!

Pink Hair and Silly Hats on VAMPIRES!
Well I have asked around. It is.. coming up to.. that the vampire in the center of the murals in Vorador’s Mansion (near the fountains)
the female vampire holding the SOUL STEALER SPEAR, has PINK HAIR(or red). This can be utterly random but considering how all
the other ancient vampires are depicted…I am unsure what to think.  The other vampires normally have black/white/grey hair. I could be
wrong.. I did see brown haired brides in BO… I think so anyway.

I like her design a lot.
And in another strange…appearance she has normal hands and feet. (ancients had three talons and hooves)  Maybe this was all and idealized painting, considering that it is in Vorador’s mansion. Obviously this is an Ancient vampire being depicted in one aspect. Perhaps she had white hair, white outfit and shoes and constantly got drenched by blood that her hair and clothes started turning pink? or if not blood she used natural means to dye her hair? Hell for all we know the vampire could actually have red hair and gear.
as far as where aomi might fit in.. human aspect - probably something to do with the pillar of states /alchemy / anarcrothe
and as far as vamprie goes - razielim ! heeheee.

So.. I was thinking. How could Aomi get pink hair. I thought about it, if I were to invert Aomi, Aomi’s bangs would be red, the rest of the hair white. Red+White= Pinkish
bah, honestly … legacy of kain and lol castlevania are horrific influences on me.

The Ancient Vampires in the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series look like angels. The scary avenging kind. Apparently they were the ones who started the total war with the Hylden.  They might have been religious fanatics, these vampires.
which got me thinking of kain and raziel combos… be it the two reavers, their symbols, etc. i got like five concepts of what the combination of kain and raziel’s symbols might look like, pretty sinister looking from any angle i take it.

At ANY RATE. In Enochian, Aomi is a minor angel. So I am justifying… Aomi’s throw in, Aomi is a demon but…comes from an angelic… sector.
I mean sure, demons where once angels? Or something. Haha I find it odd that I want to  smash this demon of mine into everything I get interested in.

In Enochian, Iaom is a minor angel powerful in finding out the secrets of men. He is ruled by the angel Hiaom and Spmnir Llpiz and is a companion of Aomi, Omia and Miao.

In some sense Aomi Armster will be a very very busy shapeshifter.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Aomi Vampire

Alright! To further complicate the Aomi Armster character, here is the VAMPIRE FORM. Mostly to fit around the Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver shebang I guess I can
throw this into Castlevania as well.fffffffffffffffffffff

In relation to the LoK, Aomi here has got the whole white skin crap going, so... as my friend Xaphan said, she might be fledgling but as those huge ears, taloned hands and feet.
I have no idea as of yet how Aomi could fit into any of the settings of either games, all there is that
Aomi is a shapeshifter...so she's born into the forms, so i guesss... she starts off as her self, uses a ritual/or dies and her essence is drifted off to another realm. and she has to reincarnate as herself in the new form!
When Aomi's first death occured her soul broke into fragments (demons die very strange deaths) and they flailed around in the ether trying to get back into one piece but instead found themselves getting hurled into different realties/worlds/realms.
Some forms are aware of each other(mostly through dreams), that they all trail back to some one being and some do not or don't want to face it.
These different forms don't make her powerful, or "level up" or special, these aren't bodies that she could transform into at a whim.
its just what her species does sometimes, they split apart for survival.

1. she was turned at a young age, barely in her 20's, she was of noble birth as a human. her family's colours were blue and yellow (she doesnt remember most of her human life or her Shekintari past life but bits and pieces of memory do strike her)

2. she's shorter/smaller than other vampires(they called her Small Fangs) in her clan and she made up for it by being clever/sneaky (like finding out secrets/weaknesses of enemies).

3.although she hates blood-thirst she had to feed twice as much to keep up and in doing so she kick started her evolution. she was dismayed when her fingers and toes turned into talons, specially at a time where she came across a piano and found that she was unable to play again.

4. since her clan was small in size it merged with several others that were scattered throughout the land over time
and it became harder and harder to live among the clans.

5. she stayed true to her original being(aomi armster) maker of weapons and armor

6. went from clan to clan offering her goods(knowledge/spells/armor/weapons) and in turn she spent time learning, studying from them. she had the unfortunate timing to cross paths with a paranoid clan leader who had her (thought Aomi was an assassin)
drained of blood, chained up and bricked up alive in some derelict chapel/crypt for aeons.

And since her soul had anchored somewhere, she didn't die she just suffered for the most part and eventually accepted oblivion!

7. many,many years later, the crypt flooded, water seeped into her "tomb" she woke up, glad the bricks were weakened she lobbed herself out before she could drown. (she can't swim)

8. unlike most of her kind, she is more inclined to be friendly(aside from the fact she growls,snarls,hisses/bares fangs and roars more often than not),she is not quick to anger.

she prides herself with having an amazing sense of humour but she finds herself unable to linger in the presence of humans and other vampires because the humans see her as a monster and the vampires find her as an affront to the species.(after she woke up from the wall)

9. although soft in nature she is not without strength/fangs/claws/rage and if able she will fight abuse set against her. she is a poor loser and can be outrageously vindictive.
her long life experiences had taught her to think carefully, she tends to be many steps ahead of her foes before wrecking havoc.

10. most of her vampiric abilities include: turning into mist(followed by tiny shimmers of gold and blue specks) which seems like the after effects of a magical explosion.

-immense physical strength, very flexible (she was a dancer when she was human),

she can try telepathy or telekenesis but prefers not to. (causes her mind great stress to the point of passing out & nose bleeds)

-her shrieks/roars have catastrophic frequencies able to shatter metal and other materials. some of her keen wails have been known to crumble buildings.

- the blackened talons on her hands can sharpen(great for sword play) and extend to her own height in length which aids her in long distance combat (4'9") Sometimes she can break off the extended claws and lob them at foes as harpoons.

- she has high-jumping abilities

11. she is afraid of dark murky waters, deep water, heights, most elder vampires, priests, gypsies.
The Voices. (sometimes vampires can be bombarded with countless voices/thoughts that seem to harass the mind that come out of no where)

- too much exposure to sunlight causes her skin to try and absorb light which leads to body twisting seizures(the black markings on her body would swarm all around her) and might just explode.

- because of her light frame she can easily be tossed around, even her strength cannot help in these situations.
(in my "story" world- Aomi does not shapeshift into many things/split essences etc/take on different forms other than Aomipu, the Shekintari or human)
different form Aomis apply to just spoofs/spinoffs/just for fun nonsense
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