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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Brain Storming

Doodling some L4D inspired monsters. A Hunter+Witch spawn of some kind. And lots of Shades of Cyan. Aomi on the prowl. HIDE YOUR REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS!!!
Left 4 Dead
Found it hilarious that for the longest of time (2003) that Aomi was already clad in the Witch’s getup (tank top of sorts and underwear) but mostly wore knee-high socks and sometimes a filmy blouse. Of course in red and not white coloured tops and shorts/underwear.
The Hunter L4D2 Avatar

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aomi in Monster Hunter Tri

Country: USA

Weapon: Long Sword

So far so good, snagged some new armor sets.

male Aomi and Aophan both are decked in the Qurupeco set/weapons. I don’t think
I will bother much with them until I get Aomi(main) to HR 100. Before I got my + sets

I stuck around in Qurupeco gear with Guan Dao until I got the Bnahabra+ AND HOLY HELL that was

a pain in the arse.
As for my main, Aomi, the armor sets follow based on which I got first and mix and match sets don’t count
(which i had to do several times to even get other armors lol!). These are the + sets.
Vangis/Deviljho Armor
What I want to get:
Alatrenon Armor
my goof off armor sets ( mix and matches)
Bone Helm with Vangis waist & arms with Piscine Legs to match with

Aomi’s cyan/blue-green/teal/turquoise color theme and running around with a long sword

usually Rising Soul or Tenebra but MOSTLY with Yan Yue Dao (P)

Started Playing On: 05/06/2010
(order of creation)
1. Main File/Name: Aomi
HR: 114
2. (male) Aomi
HR: 8
3. Aophan: ID: TV54VQ
HR: 31
Aomi in Video Games Photo/s

Aomi @ Capcom : http://www.capcom-unity.com/aomi

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aomi Adventures on Facebook

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Anything else on facebook- a user, profile, page, group that are NOT the above three
means that the others are FAKE.
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Blood and Sparkles

Ha! I have not written in a while probably because I am not sure what to go on about.
In this case I think I will sort through certain thoughts about character developement and projects.
For current projects, of course it is all Aomi related, I want to make certain kinds of jewelry, charms, figurines
consisting of sparkles, rainbow sparkles, glow in the dark stuff and the colours of black, cyan, teal, turquoise.
I went back through a lot of my descriptions from way back, nearly 1999-04 era--for pictures and footnotes about Aomi's personality and her/his abilities.

I literally laughed out loud when I had said that Aomi's black hair, the tips of his/her ears and tail behave like a morphing substance, such as the hair getting super super long and whipping around or behaving like tentacles, or the black tips of the tail hardening to become a bludgeon or shooting spikes. And because Aomi has kitsune traits Aomi also has an orb/spirit ball/sphere/ morph ball which changes forms and stores energy, etc.

I also want to make more of the occult symbols,seals and runes. Probably focus more on the three triangles and three tripes, the three triangles representing the black tips of Aomi's tail & ears and the three stripes being those three stripes that sprout from the small of his/he back and hug his/her hips.

Rune= Secret/Mystery
Aomi=Secret Mystery
I'd rip out the first two letters of Aomi, Ao which means blue.

Aomi Rune, Aorune, Neruoa, Uneora?

So with enough mix & matching I made Aoenru. For now Aoenru is the name of the alphabet/runes/writing symbols
I had created waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back almost around 1997. Aoenru will also be a name for another fiasco, I'm thinking a city or something close to Aomi.

I also want to explain more about back story, personality,and abilities. I even realized when I made Aomi shapeshift into certain forms, there were spots! So haha not only does Aomi sport stripes she/he also has spots!

For a while now I was fascinated with blood colour.
I figured with Aomi's bizarre demonic abilities such as shapeshifting-essence warping-morphing,etc etc that her/his DNA colour could change too. Shadow Demons are weird huh? It wouldn't be like a rainbow of colours, just the default, red...and then the other colours like cyan, black and white. I think the colour of the blood would change based on magic activity and stresses upon the body.

Red & Cyan & White for the fey/divine (fairies/angels/unicorn/elf) forms.
Black & Red for the demonic/human(those on the "wrong side of the tracks".

As for the other characters I am researching here and there about different horoscopes/zodiacs and personality trait profiles, looking into mythologies and folklore and meanings about colours & various things like gems and animals, etc just to get a general grasp. I am also working on fixing up a family tree.