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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Transformers: Shindan List

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Shindans:  results are random and info is taken from the tfwiki
this list will get updated frequently - some results change daily - capitalization and spacing do change the results

  1. What kind of Cybertronian are you?
  2. Cybertronian Personality Matrix : What is your class?
  3. What Sparktype are you?
  4. Cybertronian Zodiac
  5. Are you on The D.J.D ’s List ?
  6. What is your Cybertronian colour scheme?
  7. Cybertronian Tech Specs
  8. Creation of a Cybertronian: How were you made?
  9. What would you drink most as a Cybertronian?
  10. Where did you receive your education on Cybertron?
  11. Where on Cybertron were you born?
  12. The Thirteen: Which would you align yourself with?
  13. Which Transformers universe stream are you from?
  14. As a Cybertronian what is your sacred geometry?
  15. What is your assigned class under Functionism?


I was curious as to what symbol could be made using the negative spaces from the Autobot & Decepticon insignias. This turns out to be the rough result. The colour of this insignia (I’m just gonna dub as AuDe for tagging purposes) is the result of mixing the Autobot red + Decepticon purple together, I have many results of such mixing  here and here and here .
And my insignia tag is here.