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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I had to privatize my Instagram & Other shenanigans.

Had to make my instagram private because i hate the idea that someone could make a site/web viewer, my stuff shows up, owner of viewer can use ads, while usin my stuff and other peoples’ stuff. I know it is part of instagram’s API nonsense but i rather instagram be a viewer all on its own with its ads (duh) instead of some random ass banjo of a third party site. I know i can ask those sites to remove my stuff but the whole concept pisses me off, so just went private.

Mostly post Aomi stuff , art stuff, video game shenanigans.

My Instagram handle is: AomiArmster
So instead of making lots of individual blogger posts of shenanigans, i'll mention & link back to them.  from my tumblr. Unless tumblr gets eaten by an angry old one and vanishes off the face of the planet, which makes me think I oughta back up most of my tumblr posts somewhere else, or make note/log em in case...doom!!!!!!  i might piggy back posts to myspace or G+.
  1.   The show, Stranger Things, gave me Silent Hill feels. 
  2. I made a scarf using a loom knitting kit for the first time [see here]
  3.  1 week ago I played Journey again, oh how I adore that game.
  4.  So, Aomi's Primal Zodiac is the Platypus [what?!?!]
  5.  I used the Prince & Princess maker to make Adventure Time Aomi
  6.  I'd like to point out that there are Aomi shenanigans on Twitter too.
  7.  Been rewatching Red vs Blue (cheers me up something righteous).
  8. So with the research; Aomi = angelic kerubim monstrosity or a demonic-shadow genius loci.
  9.   A Silent Hill Haiku:  The deep void gazes. Repulsive goddess wounds. A scream across the wind.
  10. My gender = A miserable little pile of secrets.
  11. Ha! I won the staring contest with the Abyss! Take that, ya bastard.
  12.  A strange glyph totem occurred
  13. Aomi from The Sims 4 needs some love!

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