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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I had a strange dream last night

In my dream (or nightmare??) it was 3am,I remember lookin at the clock as I walked out of my flat in the middle of the night, I just stood in the center of the lobby/patio that has a opening to the sky.
This night in my dream was odd in a way that only the exit signs were illuminated, main lighting around town & my building were not, the robot/traffic lights worked but street lights nope. I was puzzled by the situation of the lights in my dream, nothing felt out of place, there was ‘moonlight’ but again odd.

Lights that signal exits and entering/passing worked, all other lights nope. I know I wanted to ponder more about the light issue but before I could, the alarm that signals power failure in my flat started blaring, the exit signs flickered, and for whatever reason I just looked straight up. I normally do not like looking at the sky or bodies of water / mirrors in my dreams.

I saw stars and stars and noticed a blue/blue-green blotch/light in the mix of black sky and shimmer. That blue thing became wispy then more pronounced. Orb? Planet? It looked more and more like a star, just BIG and blue, flickery.

In dreams I do not like encountering/ seeing space bodies other than stars/moon.
The blue star I saw in my dream gave me the freakiest feeling. Like… the star was pretending to be something else, something huge. Or like the sky could come crashing down any second. The night was cool, barely any wind, I could smell something metallic, minty?

I remember feeling off/ felt dread when I looked at that star. It felt like a fear you can get when something gigantic can loom over you, obliterate your existence, rewrite what and who you are or further reduce you to an insignificant speck in the grand scheme of things. It made me feel tiny.

The way the blue star looked as it glowed made a four pointed glare?gleam?shine? Like a freaky mutated cross in the sky that went from orb shape - shimmer - freaky cross - shimmer - orb. Twinkling? Pulse? The blue star was large in the sky in my dream, made no sense in proportion in perspective with where the moon was.

My dream had me see something that I would normally be enthralled by but made me wake up scared out of my wits instead.

I have no idea what/where/why/when/who that blue star is. I like stars, I like blue but what I saw made me feel bad/scared.

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