Squeaks for Aomi

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


here be my Tear Born ! (reapers manifested in the lake of tears) my reaper Amister (the top set) and in the second (middle)it is just a side by side view of my reaper and mystic jumping /nearly landing. now the bottom is my Lycan priest from Forsaken World. I am on the [East]Storm server, name is Iamastormer .
(i named my mystic after my priest from forsaken world)
the reaper reminded me of my two favourite characters in MMOS, Vella from Vindictus and the running/jumping/hair/leap-ness/ my Lycan and Reaper both do that flip thing!
Amister is on Tempest Reach and chants ‘BUN BUN BUN’ because even tho she is not a bunny but a chinchilla elin, the power of the bunny is still strong. ( all my other elins are bunny elins)
Iamastormer (mystic) is on Tempest Reach.
Tsieo ( my Vella ) is on WEST servers. ( last image) i really dont play Vindictus anymore because of the stupid gold penalty and mostly because i have no one to play with and i can’t solo most of the 50+ missions on my own.

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