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Thursday, May 22, 2014

another fantroll reroll !

Name: Tsieos MarMar (SHAY-us) (MAR-mar)
Blood Colour: Jade green ( Virgo / Kanaya )
Lusus: Anteater & Alpaca hybrid
Interests: planning for the zombie apocalypse, candy-making, chemistry, and sea monsters
Trollian handle: antiAxiom (aa)
Strife specibus: slungshotKind (not slingshot)
God Tier (class and aspect): Thief of Space
Land: Land of Mystery and Frost
Consorts: Aquamarine Frogs
Denizen: Echidna
Dreams on: Derse
Typing Quirk: T's and S's are doubled and capitalized and punctuation is standard. Example:  no one TTaughTT TThe ghoSSTTSS how TTo play wiTTh uSS!
Symbol:  alchemical symbol for oil, an S on its side with two lines parallel to each other intersecting through the center of the S diagonally.
The older fantroll quiz result
The OTHER older fantroll quiz result
The alchemy symbols
The Blood Colour Quiz result

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