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Monday, October 07, 2013

Shadow Entities.

What they possibly are:
1. they are demons / creatures from another dimension. there are undead types and 'living types'
2. they are remnants of people or places that manifest/ ghost type / break offs from other entities.
3. they are made by emotions and thoughts / negative energies / memory residue  /imprints.
4. omens, dark figured beings to hint/warn/show what is to come.

What they possibly do:
1. watch / explore / allow themselves to be seen and do not interact.
2. interact and cause terror when in the vicinity of animals / humans /electronics.
3. cause hallucinations and wide spread paranoia, insist on harm to self and others / feed on these feelings.
4. incredible need to warp reality, attract other entities to location to cause havoc.
5.  watch / explore/ allow themselves to be seen and interact without hostility.
6  some feed on the fear/depression/anger of humans and other beings - sometimes cannibalize other shadow entities.
7. some appear/form in corners of vision / dark areas. some appear/form in broad daylight/ well lit areas.
8. tend to be accompanied by other negative energies, tend to consume other entities to sustain self.

It is suggested that these shadow entities are summoned through a lot of force, they are maintaining themselves through a lot of force, dispersing them and protecting self from them would occur through a lot of force.  The key is projection.

They engage with what is given to them

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