Squeaks for Aomi

Monday, September 23, 2013


Welp, had some rather unpleasant messages regarding Aomi. Around…82 of them? WTF why.
So material made in the past was just that, made in the past…they may or may not hold any real relevance to the NOW. 
There is no confirmation or denial about either of those situations and material.
So before one of you decides to MAKE FUN OF a rather horrible experience that was mentioned in the PAST of this character and past brain-storms, why choose to throw such horror back at them?

 Has anything of the sort been mentioned of the NOW? No, not really. Such situations have been extremely vague at best and left to the imagination.

Yes, some of the horrible things have shaped the character but those experiences are not what makes up the SUM of the character.

So the issue isn’t about the confirmation or denial of the nightmare situations but the fact that the matter is being pressed in such an aggressive manner and not accepting the initial answer.
The answer will always be vague, I don’t know what happened, you don’t know what happened, none of us know but we can make an assumption, the character will neither confirm or deny and so forth.

IT’S FINE for your mind TO GO THERE but don’t FORCE it on other people.  RESPECT the initial response.
So if you’re asking if such and such had this and that  done to them and the response comes as a maybe/perhaps. DEAL WITH IT.

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