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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink Hair and Silly Hats on VAMPIRES!

Pink Hair and Silly Hats on VAMPIRES!
Well I have asked around. It is.. coming up to.. that the vampire in the center of the murals in Vorador’s Mansion (near the fountains)
the female vampire holding the SOUL STEALER SPEAR, has PINK HAIR(or red). This can be utterly random but considering how all
the other ancient vampires are depicted…I am unsure what to think.  The other vampires normally have black/white/grey hair. I could be
wrong.. I did see brown haired brides in BO… I think so anyway.

I like her design a lot.
And in another strange…appearance she has normal hands and feet. (ancients had three talons and hooves)  Maybe this was all and idealized painting, considering that it is in Vorador’s mansion. Obviously this is an Ancient vampire being depicted in one aspect. Perhaps she had white hair, white outfit and shoes and constantly got drenched by blood that her hair and clothes started turning pink? or if not blood she used natural means to dye her hair? Hell for all we know the vampire could actually have red hair and gear.
as far as where aomi might fit in.. human aspect - probably something to do with the pillar of states /alchemy / anarcrothe
and as far as vamprie goes - razielim ! heeheee.

So.. I was thinking. How could Aomi get pink hair. I thought about it, if I were to invert Aomi, Aomi’s bangs would be red, the rest of the hair white. Red+White= Pinkish
bah, honestly … legacy of kain and lol castlevania are horrific influences on me.

The Ancient Vampires in the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver series look like angels. The scary avenging kind. Apparently they were the ones who started the total war with the Hylden.  They might have been religious fanatics, these vampires.
which got me thinking of kain and raziel combos… be it the two reavers, their symbols, etc. i got like five concepts of what the combination of kain and raziel’s symbols might look like, pretty sinister looking from any angle i take it.

At ANY RATE. In Enochian, Aomi is a minor angel. So I am justifying… Aomi’s throw in, Aomi is a demon but…comes from an angelic… sector.
I mean sure, demons where once angels? Or something. Haha I find it odd that I want to  smash this demon of mine into everything I get interested in.

In Enochian, Iaom is a minor angel powerful in finding out the secrets of men. He is ruled by the angel Hiaom and Spmnir Llpiz and is a companion of Aomi, Omia and Miao.

In some sense Aomi Armster will be a very very busy shapeshifter.

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