Squeaks for Aomi

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aomi Alum Crystal Abstract Sea horse

This lil dude was made from all the remnants, last of my alum and looks kinda like an eldritch geometry abomination sea horse.  So with the Last of the alum, last of the stuff, made the typical octahedra  and then turned weird angled sea horse of Aomi colour.

Yes you lil abstract crystal sea horse, youse my fave. I hope i can one day make a better lookin one of an octopus, sea horse, manta, crab , and a scorpion. Maybe...Aomi.

I will have to get pipe cleaners I assume to get the alum to fuse and form. Bah i'll figure it out. If i cant manip the crystal to take the forms, i can manip the baby ones into resin molds or something. I'll figure something out.

I turn to art projects because I despair.

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