Squeaks for Aomi

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Personality test results for Aomi

I posted the screen-capped results of some of the results of the quizzes/tests taken for Aomi’s character build up.
Aomi’s 5th Life Cycle & Numerology.
Aomi is INTJ
Aomi’s Birth Chart
Aomi’s ColorDNA
Aomi’s MOTIV
Aomi’s Scorpio Correspondence
Aomi is Phlegmatic
Aomi’s Soul Type is THINKER
Aomi is Left Brained
Aomi’s result for the Dark Triad
Aomi’s The Animal In You result
Aomi is a True Neutral
Aomi’s LIFE PATH # is 8
Aomi’s Hogwarts House is Slytherin
Aomi is an IVY – The Survivor
Aomi’s 3F Personality Typology is F2 with F1 secondary.
Aomi’s Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale result
Aomi’s Gems and Stones
Aomi’s Star
Aomi’s Zodiac Info
Aomi’s DiSC result
Aomi’s name analysis

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