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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Transformers: Shindan List

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Shindans:  results are random and info is taken from the tfwiki
this list will get updated frequently - some results change daily - capitalization and spacing do change the results

  1. What kind of Cybertronian are you?
  2. Cybertronian Personality Matrix : What is your class?
  3. What Sparktype are you?
  4. Cybertronian Zodiac
  5. Are you on The D.J.D ’s List ?
  6. What is your Cybertronian colour scheme?
  7. Cybertronian Tech Specs
  8. Creation of a Cybertronian: How were you made?
  9. What would you drink most as a Cybertronian?
  10. Where did you receive your education on Cybertron?
  11. Where on Cybertron were you born?
  12. The Thirteen: Which would you align yourself with?
  13. Which Transformers universe stream are you from?
  14. As a Cybertronian what is your sacred geometry?
  15. What is your assigned class under Functionism?

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