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Friday, January 23, 2015

Cyberglyphs inspired by Cybertronian

Cyberscratch (inspired by Cybertronian fonts from the shows/movies/comics)  is coming along like a hurricane, ఠ_ఠ had too many ideas all at once and failed to  come up with proper results, I wanted fonts and brushes but in the grand scheme of it i didn’t put down exactly what the designs had to be everything was half-afted attempts.
buuut i made Cyberglyphs - and a Cyberglyph pixel brush set - (.ABR)no font yet, still working out the kinks  !  there is really no set way to write the glyphs out, i only put the english letters up there to help me organize.

Gylphs on a Prime’s Tomb
What Inspired Cyberscratch
Spectralist Symbols.

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