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Monday, November 17, 2014

About Aomi

Myer Briggs: INTJ
Chinese Zodiac:  Fire Ox (yin Metal Element)
Western Zodiac: Scorpio
Soul Urge: 22
Vedic Zodiac: Libra
13th Zodiac: Virgo
Celtic Zodiac: Ivy / Walnut / Butterfly
Alignment : True Neutral
Bloodcaste: Jade
Nicknames: Ao, Aims to Shock, the blue one, Aims.
Soul Type: Scholar
Life Path: 8
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
MOTIV type: SOTWV / Thinking
Whole Character Number: 7 - Intellectual Number - The Moon
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Birth Card: Nine of Hearts
Expression: 6
Tarot Birth Cards: The Star / Strength
Black Zodiac: (13 ghosts) The Jackal
KIN: 136 - Yellow Rhythmic Warrior
Enneagram: Type 5 - sp/sx/so
Blood Type: A-
Name: Aomi
Surname: Armster
Demon/Angel Name: Gontalmedun / Unmedtalgon
Galactic Tone: 6
Shadow card: The Star
Standard Designation/s: ARMSTER / Aims / Aimster/ Shockstriker
Global5/SLOAN: RCOEN / Organized
DOB: Sunday, 26/10/1997(current) (prior; 1300AD, prior; 1300BCE)
Time: 03:30:03 AM
Lucky Element: Water
Location of Birth: (current)Los Angels,CA,USA : 34°03’N 118°15’W
Colour Scheme: Black,White,Aqua
Sex at Birth: Female
Cybertronian Personality Matrix: Soldier
Soul & Personality card: VIII
Order of Birth: 5th - the youngest
Kua Number: 3 / green/ chen / wood
Height: 5’0”-60in-152.40cm
Measurements: B29” W22” H30” (B74 W56 H78 cm)
Weight: 108 lbs. (49 kg)
Favourite Colour(s): any shades of Red & Purple.
Species: (Shekintari)Shadow Demon/Shapeshifter
Combat Method: HIT & RUN

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