Squeaks for Aomi

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Doom and Woe

lets introduce the players, the red shirt is Aomi ( i finally made an Aomi sim- a werewolf ta boot) now I really messed up with some of my mods regarding autonomy and a try for baby options a while back. long story short, Aomi can spontaneously give birth to a baby - all one has to do is move Aomi to a new house and OUT COME BABIES.  Cue the kid next to Aomi, this is mini Aomi ( mini Aomi is a teenager and also a werewolf)

the blue haired guy is a wizard, i haven’t given him a name yet and well Aomi enjoys his company in many ways. Mini Aomi calls him dad.

Mini Aomi does not want anymore siblings

of course Aomi takes Mini Aomi’s concern seriously. (that’s baby Sami)

but whot ya gonna do? Aomi has the reproductive capabilities of a clown car. could be a werewolf thing? do the kiddos all have the same father?  Sami is not blue-haired-wizard-guy’s kid and is Mini Aomi’s half brother.
I DUNNO WHO THE FATHER IS- family tree gives no info.

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