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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Homestuck- perhaps Aomi fantroll or kid- mostly troll

Ha, well yeah. This morning I began researching the do’s and dont’s of fantrolls. Also took various tests (changed some stuff) and somewhat pinned down certain information to design a character.
Although the colour schemes to the trolls are a bit off Aomi’s norm, I was thankful one of the tests pinpointed to Aomi’s blood being teal. So…in one sense Aomi could be masochistic with her blood.
I used these two:
Star Sign: Scorpio —Vriska - 8
Moon Sign: Virgo — Kanaya-6
13 Zodiac: Virgo — Kanaya-6
Goat—Vriska: 8
8+6+6+8 = 28
Blood: 7 - Teal/Aqua

and got:
Name: Acanoi Almere
Blood: Teal
Lusus: alligator(aquatic animal?) /alpaca !
Interests: planning for the zombie apocalypse, candy-making, chemistry, and sea monsters
Trollian Handle: antiAxiom
Strife specibus: spherekind
God Tier Class(sun sign):  the thief of light -Vriska
Aspect(moon sign):  Space - Kanaya ?
Land: Land of Peaks and Intangibility (there was no space section aaaaaaaaa)
Dreams on: Derse
Consorts: Teal Frogs
Denizen: Echidna
Other than that I have no idea what I’m doing. :D
and this is for the aspect i got

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