Squeaks for Aomi

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I will compile a list of the many different games I've played throughout the years. The list will include what I like as far as;
  • lore
  • races and their features
  • skill sets /fighting style-method/abilities
  • weapons
  • classes
  • outfits.
  • types of worlds - cities /terrain/dimensions/areas
and from that list I will mix and match my favourite aspects and combine them so in Aomi Theory become *MY* favourte MMO-type character to play. In other words ; WISHFUL THINKING -CHARACTER DESIGN.
and in other other words ; from the list -what can I use to make a suitable race/class for Aomi.

and no, combining does not mean ALL POWERFUL GOD MODE YADDAYADDA.
Links to game images;
Aomi Elin
TERA online: Aomi and Armster
Aomi The Elin

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