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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aomi's Signature Items

Aomi's Signature Items:
Rainbow Bracelet.
Grey,Black,Red Gauntlet.
Blue Hair Ribbon.
Black Shackles.

There are other items that Aomi carries but the ones mentioned on this list are the main ones.

Aomi's rainbow bracelet is made out of obsidian that has many colourful crushed gemstones fused onto it. The bracelet is ancient and was made from a pair of knowledge-gathering-obsessed dragons that were eventually annihilated by humans. The material had been storing magic throughout all those years and eventually was lost until found again by a group of mages wandering around some ruins .

It was originally given to Aomi's cousin as a reward for passing a grueling school of sorcery & science. Rumina is skilled many magical abilities but she lacked the ability to use the bracelet so she gave the artifact to Aomi. Aomi has been able to wield the elemental powers within each of the gemstones. The obsidian reacts to Aomi's shadow blood as a catalyst making Aomi's magic wielding a brute force,as in a continuous flow of magic.

Aomi's main elements are ice and lighting which she can use at any time without having to cast spells. The bracelet allows Aomi to use the elements without needing to gather their appropriate catalysts/materials. Each gemstone section already has the proper substance in order to be used, Aomi could use them all at once and cause a "catastrophic rainbow impact" ( basically rainbow coloured ice shards or rainbow-hazed lightning and when both are combined leads to fiery explosions) which is technically what Aomi does by default.

Aomi also has VERY miniature copies of the bracelet and gauntlet they are in spell form and carved into her bones. Yes, her bones. In one her many experimental runs with shape-shifting( she was not wearing the bracelet or gauntlet) she literally blew her own flesh off so violently her corpse was having a very hard time trying to resurrect when she died.

Her morph ball/orb/bouncy ball's resident spirits, along with her ladybug, Drop, began the long task of resuscitating Aomi. They decided to carve the rainbow bracelet and gauntlet's forms into the bones of her arms and hands.

What that would do when Aomi was restored was enable her to use magic as she would with the items equipped as before. Although not as powerful as when they are equipped Aomi would be able to pull off the same attacks but has to spread the timing far in order not to burn herself out.

How the items became carved into Aomi's bones in spell form is simple. Ao's team basically placed the original items on enchanted seals that would copy them onto other seals.

From the copies they assigned spells that would break the items down into their elements. The elements would then be told to "write themselves" and then they would stream their scripture into holding crystals (they held the written word, memories, sounds) that were actually made from Aomi's blood many centuries ago. They would use the crystals to meticulously copy the text & symbols onto the bones, kind of like a laser.

Aomi wields a gauntlet made of a diamond fabric, the glove is grey and the forearm-cover is black with dark red splotches. The gauntlet amplifies magic, protects Aomi from backfires/dangerous magic residue, and Aomi is able to use the blackness to planeshift.(moving material through time/ different areas) It is unclear as to how Aomi's father, Rahu, was able to create the item. However, he had created the gauntlet in order to protect Aomi's damaged forearm when it had been hacked off during a vicious invasion of their village. She was only six years old then.

Recovery from the death and the addition of newly carved bones was a horror. Constant pain, nightmares, and Aomi's flesh would literally crawl as her body would try to come to terms from what had happened.
This is where Aomi's blue hair ribbon would come into play.

It seemed like any ordinary blue cotton hair ribbon but that is not so. The ribbon is of shape-shifting material, the fabric was literally fused with Aomi's
blood ( not the red one) and smeared with the essence of ice. Aomi would then literally turn herself into a mummy with the ribbon, wrapping herself from head to toe. The ribbon was healing and cooling her frantic body as she would rest.

When Aomi was twelve she had the unpleasant experience of being kept as a slave for several months. Her master was a wizard that had gone mad, all kinds of shunned,terrible magic. He shackled her to the wall where she studied him carefully, being obedient as possible ( she was not fan of torture). She basically cleaned,brought him food, and helped him dispose of failed experiments.

Eventually, another slave( one that was slaving under the wizard far longer than Aomi) would break loose in a fit of such rage and power he started killing everything in the tower. Throughout the violent mess Aomi was able to free herself from the shackles that held her wrists and neck but was unable to free the shackles from her ankles.

The escaped slave was still lost in the fury of his escape and blasted Aomi. She was thrown quite a distance, the chains breaking from the force and eventually Aomi found herself flying through several stone walls and right outside of the castle's compound.

She would find her way home and decided she could modify the shackles because she did not like that she was light-framed, easily thrown and sent airborne. She used her gauntlet to unlock the shackles from her ankles and attached black fabric much like the gauntlet's onto the shackles. The fabric would stretch over the top of her foot, cover two middle toes and under her foot,making a sandal of sorts.

Aomi would also line the inside of the shackles so it wouldn't irritate her skin when she would equip the shackles. The black shackles would aid her in staying anchored to the ground and basically become a bludgeoning weapon when she would use those long legs in high speed kicks or crashing into her opponents feet first.
More items here : http://aomiarmster.deviantart.com/art/Aomi-s-Jewelry-and-Stuff-127229787

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