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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aomi in Monster Hunter Tri

Country: USA

Weapon: Long Sword

So far so good, snagged some new armor sets.

male Aomi and Aophan both are decked in the Qurupeco set/weapons. I don’t think
I will bother much with them until I get Aomi(main) to HR 100. Before I got my + sets

I stuck around in Qurupeco gear with Guan Dao until I got the Bnahabra+ AND HOLY HELL that was

a pain in the arse.
As for my main, Aomi, the armor sets follow based on which I got first and mix and match sets don’t count
(which i had to do several times to even get other armors lol!). These are the + sets.
Vangis/Deviljho Armor
What I want to get:
Alatrenon Armor
my goof off armor sets ( mix and matches)
Bone Helm with Vangis waist & arms with Piscine Legs to match with

Aomi’s cyan/blue-green/teal/turquoise color theme and running around with a long sword

usually Rising Soul or Tenebra but MOSTLY with Yan Yue Dao (P)

Started Playing On: 05/06/2010
(order of creation)
1. Main File/Name: Aomi
HR: 114
2. (male) Aomi
HR: 8
3. Aophan: ID: TV54VQ
HR: 31
Aomi in Video Games Photo/s

Aomi @ Capcom : http://www.capcom-unity.com/aomi

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Mr Bloody Mojo said...

LOLOLOLOL HOwy Tannus, Tannus Arks! How Yall doooon Tanny!!!!